The Collaborative Way® – A Unique Way of Working & Relating

We frequently get asked why The Collaborative Way® works so well.

What sets us apart from other trainings and methodologies?

In short, The Collaborative Way® isn’t the “normal” way of doing things.

The Collaborative Way® is not the normal way people relate with each other at work. It’s also not the normal approach that companies take on to develop their people and build the level of teamwork necessary to achieve the company’s goals.

To help answer what makes us unique, we created a short video in response to an inquiry that came from a leader at a $17 billion dollar company who was sharing The Collaborative Way® with other leaders in the company.

Plus, as a practitioner of The Collaborative Way®, getting in touch with what’s at the essence of The Collaborative Way® and why it works so well can provide you with more power in your own practice.

Watch the video below to get back to the basics and learn what makes The Collaborative Way® unique, why it works, and what it makes possible.

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We’d love to hear your thoughts about this way of relating at work. Please leave your comments below.