Lloyd Fickett & Associates, Inc.

Lloyd Fickett & Associates, Inc. has been working with companies since 1983 to develop effective leadership and teamwork. The Collaborative Way® emerged out of this work as a powerful structure for creating an environment of collaboration. For over two decades, it has proven to give companies an essential competitive advantage. We are passionate about bringing companies this way of working that honors the human spirit, opens up the wealth of a company’s collective intelligence and frees people to take new levels of responsibility as they step forward as generators of a company’s success. We feel privileged to participate with companies as they take on this journey.

Our Team

Lloyd Fickett
Ian Edwards
Marcus Bond
Declan Scott
Phil Bryson
Jason Fickett

LloydLloyd Fickett founded Lloyd Fickett & Associates, Inc. in 1983, a management consulting firm initially focused on leadership, team building and extraordinary performance.

In 1990 Lloyd developed The Collaborative Way® while working with Rodel, the market leader in providing consumables for polishing silicon wafers. Rodel needed to find a way to meet the challenge of a massively expanding marketplace while having limited resources compared to their competitors. Lloyd developed The Collaborative Way® as an answer that could face these challenges and beat the competition by building an extraordinary way to work together. Rodel credits TCW as a critical element in their subsequent success including growth from 30 million in sales in 1989 to 200 million in 1997 and an expansion rate of 40% per year starting in 1994.

For the last 20 years, through supporting companies to adopt and practice The Collaborative Way®, Lloyd has helped those companies build the futures they envision while navigating rapid growth, mergers, acquisitions, competitive challenges and other market pressures. Clients of Lloyd Fickett & Associates, Inc. benefit from the durable sustainability of The Collaborative Way®, such as Allan Myers, a company that has been practicing The Collaborative Way® for over 23 years.

Lloyd is co-author of two books, The Collaborative Way®: A Story About Engaging the Mind and Spirit of a Company, and Leading the Collaborative Way: Overcoming the Seven Most Common Pitfalls.

Lloyd has also been involved in community work as the Founder and former Chairman of the Board of the Phoenix Youth at Risk Foundation. Most recently Lloyd served for 5 years as the Chairman of Shanta Foundation, which brings sustainable health, education, economic development to rural villages in Myanmar.

Ian Edwards is a senior level consultant with over 30 years of experience in helping clients succeed. Ian has assisted individuals, teams and organizations to be more effective through designing and facilitating initiatives, coaching, as well as consulting on processes and systems.

Ian was a senior consultant and managing partner with FranklinCovey for 17 years and then an independent consultant for 12 years. His work includes enhancing individual and team effectiveness, and enabling meaningful and sustainable change. The principles of The Collaborative Way® have in some way been a core part of every one of his client engagements.

Ian has led client engagements throughout the US and Europe, Eastern Europe, Canada, South America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa. Clients include: Microsoft, UNWomen, Prudential, EDS, Accenture, AON, Dell, Ernst & Young, HP, Zendesk, HMS Host, ZS Associates, Oracle, Fairmont Hotels, Pearl Izumi, numerous small to medium organizations as well as start-ups and individuals.

Marcus Bond has a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and is a certified Master Coach. He has over 25 years of experience in the areas of transformational change, leadership development, executive and business coaching. He co-founded and led a transformational consulting firm for over 10 years using principles that have brought him to The Collaborative Way.

Marcus has worked across a diverse spectrum of organizations from Fortune 100 companies to healthcare, medical schools, financial institutions and technology firms. He has worked both in United States and Germany with clients including AT&T, Verizon, Texas Medical Center, National Data Services, Swedish Hospital, and Salomon Brothers. Marcus’ clients consistently report significant results in increased profits, high performance team capability and creating sustainable cultures of excellence.

Declan Scott FCA has 30 years experience across Ireland, England, Australia and New Zealand. He is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin with an MA in Business Management and was later recognized as a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland.

He has worked as an International Tax advisor with KPMG prior to entering academia where he held lecturing positions at a number of leading universities in Australia and New Zealand.  He is also the co-founder of an award winning artisan chocolate company based in Christchurch, New Zealand

In 2011, when his local city, Christchurch was devastated by earthquakes, he undertook a community leadership role in helping the wider community to rebuild their lives and their city. He experienced first hand the collaborative efforts of business and community which brought greater meaning to both. This led to a number of public speaking engagements and a shift in focus to supporting businesses and their leaders embrace adversity with creativity and resilience.

He is currently the Director Of Operations for The Collaborative Way as well as being a member of the client delivery team.His clients include retail, banking, professional firms, government, education and farming.

Declan lives in Boulder, Colorado and with his wife Jen.

Phil Bryson has 32 years of experience designing and conducting breakthrough programs and management consulting for over 250 organizations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. His expertise is in developing high performing leaders and teams as well as creating optimal organizational cultures based on The Collaborative Way® principles.

His engagements include several transformation and change management initiatives for all types of organizations. He has worked with numerous The Collaborative Way® clients over the past 22 years delivering breakthrough leadership intensives and programs.

His clients include, Allan Myers, Apple, AT&T, BP, ConocoPhillips, Cushman Wakefield, DuPont, General Motors, GE, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Leadership New Mexico, Lexus, Los Alamos & Sandia National Labs, Microsoft, PG&E, Porsche, and Southern Cal Edison.

Jason Fickett is a writer and co-author of The Collaborative Way: A Story About Engaging the Mind and Spirit of a Company and Leading the Collaborative Way: Overcoming the Seven Most Common Pitfalls. He has also self-published several works of fiction.

Jason has 20 years of experience as a public school teacher, including 10 years as an Early Childhood Montessori teacher. He received his BA in English from Arizona State University. 

Jason is excited to join our consulting team and to bring his years of experience with The Collaborative Way along with his skills as a teacher and a writer to the work of spreading The Collaborative Way as widely and deeply as possible. 

He lives in South Bend, IN with his two children.