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A team-based journey of transformation


This unique and ground-breaking eLearning Platform is designed for your team to take on together. Over the course of the program, your team will work through the 7 sections of the app. 


The Collaborative Way founder, Lloyd Fickett, guides your team on a culture-changing journey through micro-learning videos made exclusively for the eLearning Platform.


Lloyd is supported by our team of animated characters, who provide orientation, guidance, and examples.


There’s a chat feature in every session so you and your teammates can share ideas and insights, both in response to prompts and whenever an idea strikes you! 


Real-time pop-up notifications ensure that all participants stay up-to-date with what other team members are doing.
You’ll never miss out on an important conversation!


You can create private notes attached to each session, and you can review and prioritize your notes in the My Notes section.


You can also bookmark important sessions. You can review your bookmarks and view team favorites on the Bookmarks page.


As you learn and take on the core practices of The Collaborative Way, you’ll have the opportunity to check your understanding through quizzes as well as make personal connections by completing surveys.


The Team Progress page provides a clear view of your teammates’ engagement, including the key milestones they’ve completed.


Your team will take a TCW assessment at the beginning and end of your journey. Our reports allow you to identify areas where your team has grown over the course of the program as well as areas you can focus on as you move forward in your practice. 


After you’ve completed the program, your team can continue learning and interacting in the Practice Forum.


The Resources page provides you with supplemental videos and articles to help you keep growing your practice long after you’ve completed the program. 

The Collaborative Way eLearning Platform was a really helpful learning path for our Organization Development Team. Given the fact that our team is involved in delivering the Collaborative Way to our organization, I was not sure what more we could learn. However, through a commitment to the process, we learned even more about the principles directly from Lloyd Fickett and, even more importantly, from the interactions with each other. We discovered more about each other and how to work together at the “next level” because of our deeper understanding of the Collaborative Way principles.

Bill Doucette

Vice President Organization Development, Alera Group

Coaches who are certified to guide and support your team as you journey through the TCW eLearning Platform:

Joshua Hornick Coaching
Joshua Hornick
Amherst, MA
[email protected]


Philippe Bartu Leadership Coaching
Philippe Bartu
Zurich, Switzerland


If you’re a coach and you’d like to partner with us to bring The Collaborative Way eLearning Platform to your clients, please contact us.